Goodbye Android, I WILL Miss You!

I’ve done the unthinkable.  I will be switching back to an iPhone as soon as my new 6 Plus arrives mid-October.

I told myself I would wait….wait to compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus.    I wrote about the pros and cons of each phone. I’m still not quite sure what happened!

This past Friday morning, at 12am, the new iPhones were available for order.  I stayed up late to buy one for my wife and I kind of got caught up in the Apple hype machine.  This time I actually think there is some depth and new tech that validates that very hype.

In another post, I will review iOS 8 from a new user’s perspective.  In this entry, I’d like to say what I’m going to miss most from Android.

nice, clean home screen


I love minimalism and a tidy home screen.  The Android operating system gives the user the ability to customize the home screen any way they want to.  Because all of your apps live in the App Drawer, you can easily remove them from the home screen.  I do this on my HTC One M8.  The picture above is my actual home screen.  Just one widget (HD Widgets) on one home screen.  Nice and clean.  No clutter.

Widgets, widgets, widgets

Speaking of widgets, I really am going to miss them!  They provide an opportunity to see live data on your home screen without having to open an app.  I would use HD Widgets and the Sunrise Calendar widget to see upcoming events.  At times I would install the Google Play Music widget to play or pause my music and Pocket Casts to play or pause my podcasts.

From what I’ve read, iOS 8 will include widgets in the notification shade, but I’m not quite sure how those will work.

show me the files


The last thing on my wistful list is access to my phone’s file system.  HTC includes a file manager and through that app you can delete or rearrange files on the internal or external storage of the phone.  From what I’ve seen of iOS 8, there is no underlying file structure that can be accessed.  Everything has to be done through iTunes.

I’ll be giving up my HTC One M8, which is a great phone.  The feature on this particular handset that I will miss most are the stereo, front facing speakers.  They augment video viewing immensely.

So, to my friends whom I’ve encouraged to buy Android phones, you have made the right choice.  Android is a phenomenal mobile operating system that gives you unlimited choices to personalize your phone.  I honestly believe it is on par with anything Apple is creating.  It is just time for me to try something new!




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