Supreme Chaos by War of Ages

Supreme Chaos   In my previous post, I recounted how I fell in love with the band War of Ages and in particular, their album Pride of the Wicked. Today, I would like to review WOA’s new album, Supreme Chaos.  Will War of Ages finally create a masterpiece akin to Pride?  I will listen to the album for the first time and write down my first impressions as I listen to each song, summarizing my thoughts at the end.

01 From The Ashes

Supreme Chaos opens with From The Ashes and I like the vibe right off the bat.  A subtle hint of dub step and some not subtle keyboard in the background.  Breakdown for the chorus!  Drums are awesome!  The guitar shreds!  Everything is so well produced, but the bass guitar is very muted.  The double bass drum more then makes up for it though.  I like the slow paced guitar solo.  Fits the song.

02 Lost In Apathy

Track two, Lost In Apathy, starts us off on a fast clip.  Great guitar mixed with double bass drum on the breakdown.  Harmonizing guitar playing over the chugchugchug of the rhythm guitar.  Me likey.  Again, it is impossible to pick up the bass line in the song.  Albums always get a +5 on awesomeness from me when the bass plays an integral part of the song structure.

03 Doomsday

The third song of the new album starts with great harmonizing vocals.  And there is that touch of synth again.  Very subtle.  One of my major complaints from past WOA albums was that the vocals all sounded the same.  That definitely isn’t the case so far.  Very diverse in the way they are presenting the vocals.  The time changes for this song are pulled of impeccably.

04 Chaos Theory

Some syncopated synth mixed with metal guitar and crushing drums.  The guitars have to be downtuned for this song.  And then they pick it up for the chorus. So far I am loving this album!  I can’t help but bob my head to the beat.  I love the dub synth integrated into all the songs.  It is very light but adds to the overall tone of the songs.

05 Lionheart

Halfway into the album, and the 5th song starts with some creepy keyboards.  Is this a ballad?  HECK NO.  WITH THE HEART OF A LION, WE CRY WE CRY HEAR ME!!  Brutal!  Clearly the fastest song of the album so far.  Great running song. The passion!  The urgency conveyed in the vocals is incredible. If the rest of the album is this good, then I think we have a contender for best WOA album!

06 On Broken Wings

Some light synth mixed with lighter drums.  Slowing it down, but still heavy.  I gotta say that every one of these songs sound very complex.  Multiple time changes all over the place.  On Broken Wings has some great harmonizing background vocals on the chorus. Hey there is the bass!  I finally found it near the end of this song.  But now it is gone again.  Boo.

07 Amber Alert

Drop the beat!  Killer song!  Pounding double bass drum!  Good mix up of clean and dirty vocals on the chorus. There is a lot going on here.  The guitar solos are very good.

08 Renegade

Track 8, Renegade, punches you in face right away. Quickly slows down for the chorus.  I can hear the bass again!  And it is deep too.  The very light dubstep influence can be heard again on this song in a few places.  And all the guitar solos.  Every song!  As a child of 80’s hair metal, I love guitar solos.  They abound mightily on this record!

09 Ecstacy

ooh…I love the opening vocal tracks.  Not quite background vocals, but harmonized nonetheless.  The bass has disappeared again but the guitar and vocal work are nice to listen to. Lots of passion in the song.

10 Still Small Voice

Last song already?  What the heck? Is a song called Still Small Voice going to be a ballad?  Starting off soft with that dub synth again.  There are the guitars and now we are going 90mph with the drums.  Another great song.  The guitar work is flawless.

WOW.  Supreme Chaos is a masterpiece.  Where Pride of the Wicked is a 10 out of 10, Supreme Chaos is a 9.5.  Well done War of Ages! The guitar and drums and vocals all work so well together, and I LOVE the little bit of dub synth used in most of the songs.  It isn’t over done and adds to the creative genius that is this album.  My ONLY complaint would be WHERE’S THE BASS!?!  I know it’s there as you can hear it on a portion of some of the songs.

I will be spending a lot of time with this album and already think it will be my favorite album of 2014. Tell me what you think in the comments below!


follow up:

I have listened to Supreme Chaos in it’s entirety 6 or 7 times now.  I am in love with this album.  I’ll bump it up from 9.5 to 9.99!  The lyrics are engaging and poetic without being preachy, and the bass IS there if you really listen to it.

I stand up and give a Standing Ovation to War of Ages for delivering a metal masterpiece.

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