Exclude Specific Folders for Google+ Photo AutoBackup


I have done it!  For weeks I have been trying to exclude some specific folders from my Google+ Photos Autobackup app.

Perhaps I need to back up.  The Android app for Google+ also installs a sister app, simply entitled Photos.  From this application you can choose an option to AutoBackup ALL of the pictures on your phone.  They will upload to your Google+ account, stored privately for your viewing.

As you can see from this video, AutoBackup is a very useful option.  Once uploaded to the Google+ server, your pictures are “AutoAwesomed” – which is a combination of enhancement features along with an animated GIF maker, and now the new “Stories” option.

I guess I should write an entry about all those features one day, but this particular post is about NOT getting  some of your pictures or videos AutoBackedup.

Why would you not want some galleries on your phone backed up?  I have a, ahem, torrents folder, where I store some movies and television shows.  I don’t need those backed up to the Googleplex.

I also have a gallery for screenshots that are really only useful locally on my phone.

For weeks I have been trying to exclude these particular folders from AutoBackup.  I never could figure it out, so I turned the feature off.

I was determined to find the solution to my problem.  Tonight I had some free time and I put it to good use.

Get your phone in hand and fire up the Google+ Photos app.

Hit the “hamburger” on the top left corner, or just swipe from the leftmost side of the screen to the right.

You will see a list of all of the options in the application.  Choose the second from the bottom option, entitled “On Device”.

Now a list of your local galleries or folders that are physically stored on your phone will appear.


You can scroll up and down to see all of your folders.  You’ll notice in the title of the gallery, and to the right is an icon.  Direct your attention here.  This is where the magic happens.

Screenshot_2014-05-25-20-32-00 copy

Any gallery that has a blue cloud with an upward pointing arrow will be AutoBackedup.  Any picture in my gallery entitled “Download” will be automatically uploaded as soon as my phone detects it is connected to the internet via WiFi.

don't uploadConversely, If there is an icon to the right of your gallery title that is a cloud with a line through it, well, those galleries will not be AutoBackedup.  This folder named “Torrents” will not be uploaded.

Touch the icon to change its status.  That’s all there is to it!



4 thoughts on “Exclude Specific Folders for Google+ Photo AutoBackup

  1. no cloud icon on the folder title line on version 4.4.3. which makes it unusable if you have media that you don’t want/need to sync.
    I don’t get this google policy, they never say if they will implement a feature of when thy will do it. It seems they do the same with removing features.

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