King of the Kaiju




Tonight was the opening premier of Godzilla and I was happily in attendance to watch the grand event.  I figured I have not written in this space for a prolonged time, and this might be the impetus to post again.

I love action movies.  I love monster movies.  I loved this Godzilla movie.

Rotten Tomatoes has even certified Godzilla as “fresh”, so if you don’t believe me, at least believe them.

Here is my no spoilers review of the movie:
The human characters could have been developed more, but let’s be real for a minute.  We the viewers just want to see Godzilla tear up a city or two.  This part of the story is delivered spectacularly.  The movie demonstrates the sheer hugeness of the kaiju and Godzilla very well.  They tower over aircraft carriers and high rise buildings, tear up trains and eat nuclear bombs.

The plot and the tale are feasible, and a little believable, with vintage 1950’s footage of nuclear testing thrown in to augment the back story.

My only problem with this film isn’t this film at all.  Last year’s Pacific Rim was so well done and so much fun to watch, that it makes this new Godzilla movie pale in comparison.  The kaiju in that movie were much more developed and rendered more realistically.  I kept waiting for Gipsy Danger to drop into the scene and start wailing on the kaiju.  Thankfully Godzilla was big enough for the task.

All in all, I give Godzilla a firm A-.  I was clapping right along with everyone else in the theater when Godzilla kicked some kaiju butt!


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