H.E.A.T. Tearing Down The Walls



H.E.A.T. are back with a brand new album entitled Tearing Down The Walls and I might have to declare this the best album of 2014, even though we are only in April.

You might be asking yourself, “H.E.A.T.? What is that?”  They are a Swedish melodic hard rock band that has been around since 2007.  Their debut album was the self titled H.E.A.T. which was released in 2008.  Freedom Rock was the sophomore album from 2010.  This was my first exposure to the band.  The song Who Will Stop the Rain  is one of the most perfect power ballads ever recorded.  In 2012 H.E.A.T. released the outstanding Address The Nation.  This album is so good I still listen to it at least once a month.

All of this brings us to the brand new album Tearing Down The Walls.  It will be available for purchase on April 11 from many fine vendors.

So, let’s get to the music!

Tearing down the walls

Track 1 Point of No Return

Good song, and at first I didn’t care for the extended synthesizer introduction.  After a few listens, it grew on me.  The song kicks into gear with some great melodic riffs.  The chorus is pretty darn catchy and you can find yourself singing along quite easily!

Track 2 Shot at Redemption

Shot At Redemption is the first single from the new album.  There is an accompanying video to go along with the song

This song is another winner.  Great sing along choruses, big guitars and drums, and big background vocals.   This might be my favorite song.

Track 3 Inferno

Inferno starts at a faster pace with some big bass lines right at the start.  Definitely a hard rocker with another catchy chorus.  So far we are 3 for 3 in great songs!

Track 4 The Wreckoning

And then we are hit with this?  Why?  a minute long intro to the next ballad?  Why make it a completely separate track?   The good thing about digital playlists is the fact you can easily delete filler stuff like this.

Track 5 Tearing Down The Walls

H.E.A.T. are great at power ballads and Tearing Down The Walls is a song that could have easily been written in 1988.  I can see stadiums full of rockers with their lighters in the air at a H.E.A.T. concert while they play the title track from the new album.

Track 6 Mannequin Show

Song number 6 starts with some interesting keyboards and the song isn’t fast nor slow.  This might be the song I like the least.  That keyboard doesn’t do it for me.

Track 7 We Will Never Die

We Will Never Die sits right in the middle between power ballad and solid rock song.  Hard to place it exactly.  Reminds me of an old Whitesnake song for some reason.  The chorus is pretty catchy.  I’d say it is a good song overall.

Track 8 Emergency

Now it’s time to turn it up a notch.  Great guitar licks open the song up.  Everything works in this song.  The extended chorus is great and then it drops into the main chorus and that is very sing along friendly.

Track 9 All The Nights

Ballad time.  The lead singer’s voice really shines here.  He sings with passion and clarity.  The background vocals really supplement his voice.

Track 10 Eye For An Eye

Now this is H.E.A.T. at their best.  Big everything!  lots of harmony mixed with lots of harmony.  This is my favorite song off the album for sure!

Track 11 Enemy In Me

Well I might have to take back that last sentence.  Enemy In Me is another phenomenal song.  Definitely a rocker that doesn’t let go.  The guitar is strong and the licks are great.  H.E.A.T. just knows how to craft choruses that make you want to sing with them!

Track 12 Laughing At Tomorrow

Last track of the album.  How’d it go by so fast?  Laughing At Tomorrow resembles track number 7 as you can’t really categorize it as a power ballad or straightaway rocker.  It is a good closing song.

Overall, I’d have to rate this new album, Tearing Down The Walls, by H.E.A.T. a strong 9 out of 10.  I love melodic hard rock, and these guys deliver in spades!





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