The Start of a New Weekly Feature

I love music.  All kinds of music.

Monday nights I have a habit of opening iTunes and listening to all the newly released albums for the week.  Since I subscribe to Google Play All Access Music, I can add all those new releases to my online library and listen to those albums whenever I want.  All for $9 a month!

If you love discovering new music, then you’ll want to keep reading.  If not, then move along.

Here is some of the new music I found interesting for the week of February 25, 2014

Villains is a new band to me.  I think they sound quite a bit like Anberlin.  If you listen with headphones, there is a lot going on in the background.  I’ll be listening to this album quite a bit I think.

Villains  Villains   Music on Google Play

I ran across John the Conqueror a few years ago and really dug their bluesy rock gritty sound.  They released a new album this week entitled The Good Life.  This record will definitely be on my Favorite Music of 2014 playlist!

John The Conqueror  The Good Life   Music on Google Play


House of Lords started in the late 80’s as a melodic hard rock band.  They have made some great music, but I’m not liking this record so much.  The melodies aren’t really there and the songs sound pretty generic.  Maybe it will grow on me with time?

House Of Lords  Precious Metal   Music on Google Play

Gnarwolves are a band I was completely ignorant about until yesterday.  They have a slight pop punk sound that is reminiscent of early Relient K.   That is not a bad thing!

Gnarwolves  Chronicles of Gnarnia   Music on Google Play

Dinosaur Pile-Up is another new band for me.  Right away I thought this might be a side project from one of the guys from Weezer.  I really like this album quite a bit.  The songs are a slower tempo then I am used to.


James Armstrong is a blues player with a silky smooth voice.  And a catchy lyric writer!  “But when I became a man, I could play fast wild and crazy, but The Lord wanted to slow me down.  But I didn’t listen, so He had a plan, now I’m a two finger guitar playing man.”  Ha!  I love me some good blues!


The Dollyrots (are you sure this isn’t The Donnas?!) sound quite a bit like some of early era The Donnas.  Fun songs with a fun pop punk vibe.  Lots of melodies!

screenshot-by-nimbus-play-google-com-store-music-album-The_Dollyrots_Barefoot_Pregnant H.E.A.T. is a band I’m very familiar with.  Their album Address The Nation is one of my favorite melodic hard rock albums of all time.  This EP was released last week and the official release date for the entire album is April 11, 2014.  I’ll be buying this one for sure!



Rock Candy Funk Party is another band I’ve never heard of.  They are labeled jazz, but sound almost like a bluesy jam band with a horn section.  I doubt I’ll listen much to the album, but it is pretty good if you like this type of music.

screenshot-by-nimbus-play-google-com-store-music-album-Rock_Candy_Funk_Party_Rock_Candy_Funk_Party_Takes (2)


If you want some more blues, Savory Brown released Goin’ To The Delta this week and it is some great blues music!



Royal Hunt is a progressive metal band that has been around since 1989.  Unlike the House of Lords album mentioned above, this album Heart of the City, is an amazing masterpiece.  Great use of strings mixed with heavy guitar as well as emotional and amazing singing.  Good stuff!



My picks this week have to be John The Conqueror, H.E.A.T., and Royal Hunt.  I guarantee I’ll be listening to these bands a lot over the next year!



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